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CHEVAL FRERES has been positioned for many years as one of the world leaders in its watchmaking specialty.

Thanks to a fleet of latest generation machines, CHEVAL FRERES has the possibility of machining all types of materials; 

Complemented by modern finishing methods, all aesthetic and surface functionalization possibilities are possible.


Thanks to a pro-activity policy anchored in the company’s strategy, Cheval-Frères continuously offers new, innovative and technical systems for crowns and pushers..

• Drawing pins
• Gasket on barrel
• Screw crowns
• Rotating bezel crowns
• Push-button crowns
• Correctors


• Single pushers
• Shape pushers
• Bistable pushbuttons

Pièces de forme

  • 5 axis machining
  • Multi-component
  • Microsystems

Ceramics - From powder to finished product

The alternative and complementarity to precious metals.

  • Control of the entire value chain
  • Metal trim parts ceramic
  • Bezels / backs / middles


  • Polishing
  • Shot peening
  • Satin finish
  • Bevelling
  • Laser decoration
  • Lacquer removal

Patented systems

• Telescopic crowns
• ¼ turn screw crowns / indexed symbol
• Crowns / Quick-screw pushers
• Torque crowns
• Interchangeable crowns
• Bistable pushbuttons