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Cheval-Frères has been positioned for many years as one of the world leaders in its watchmaking specialty.

Thanks to a fleet of latest generation machines, Cheval-Frères has the possibility of machining all types of materials

métalliques (inox, titane, or, platine…), les céramiques (alumine, zircone, nitrure de silicium…) ou les composites. Complété par des moyens de terminaison modernes, toutes les possibilités esthétiques et de fonctionnalisation de surfaces sont possible.


Thanks to a pro-activity policy anchored in the company’s strategy, Cheval-Frères continuously offers new, innovative and technical systems for crowns and pushers..

• Drawing pins
• Gasket on barrel
• Screw crowns
• Rotating bezel crowns
• Push-button crowns
• Correctors


• Single pushers
• Shape pushers
• Bistable pushbuttons

Pièces de forme

  • 5 axis machining
  • Multi-component
  • Microsystems

Ceramics - From powder to finished product

The alternative and complementarity to precious metals.

  • Control of the entire value chain
  • Metal trim parts ceramic
  • Bezels / backs / middles


  • Polishing
  • Shot peening
  • Satin finish
  • Bevelling
  • Laser decoration
  • Lacquer removal

Patented systems

• Telescopic crowns
• ¼ turn screw crowns / indexed symbol
• Crowns / Quick-screw pushers
• Torque crowns
• Interchangeable crowns
• Bistable pushbuttons